South Dakota Department of Social Services

Meth Changes Everything.
The Idea

Meth Changes Everything.

Meth use has reached epidemic proportions across South Dakota. It destroys communities. It destroys families. It destroys lives. In what was a very challenging and emotional campaign, we wanted to show the real effects of meth through the eyes of people whose lives have been impacted by it. We created a series of videos geared to high school students and community leaders and created compelling social media conversations that we hope will result in greater awareness of this problem.

South Dakota Department of Social Services

Case Study

The Challenge

South Dakota had seen a consistent five-year increase in violent crime, largely due to the surge in meth activity, in both urban and rural areas.

The Goal

Drive awareness of the life-altering (and life-ruining) effects of meth + reverse these negative trends in the state.

The Results


6,200+ Facebook likes in first five months


10,000+ site visits to


250,000+ reach for “Meth Changes Everything” videos


2,300+ unique visitors signed pledge to stand against meth

Brand Identity