Your Gun’s Unsung Hero.
The Idea

Your Gun's Unsung Hero.

When you pull the trigger, you expect your gun to fire. The truth is, shooters just don’t give their magazine much thought. So we reminded them that a big part of a gun’s reliability lies in having the right magazine – Mec-Gar. By positioning Mec-Gar magazines as “Your Gun’s Unsung Hero,” we started a movement where people ask for a Mec-Gar instead of just a magazine.


Case Study

The Challenge

Take a large, global OEM manufacturer (Mec-Gar Magazines) - known for fine Italian craftsmanship and over 100 million magazines made for the world’s largest firearm companies – and help build their direct-to-consumer brand in the U.S.

The Goal

Increase consumer brand awareness + grow direct-to-consumer sales.

The Results


Year-over-year sales increased more than 17% in one year


Consumer sales increased 34% in one year


Year-over-year quarterly sales increased by 60%


Facebook traffic grew to more than 504,000 impressions, with likes jumping from 0 to 7,800, in just the first five months



Point of Sale


Out of Home