Center for Family Medicine

Healthy Families Start Here.
The Idea

Healthy Families Start Here.

What do you do when you have one location in a city of 170,000+ and compete against two large health systems while primarily serving a diverse patient base? You hire Epicosity to help put you on the map. Because we couldn’t outspend the competition, we created an animated series of TV spots, print ads, billboards and more to emphasize the smaller, more approachable style of care delivered by CFM.

Case Study

The Challenge

Center for Family Medicine (CFM) faced ample competition, with local competitor clinics practically on every corner, while CFM operates out of one location. It also was not able to offer many of the services that other local clinics offered, such as evening care.

The Goal

Generate more walk-in business, reach out to a diverse consumer base and continue leveraging partnerships with local healthcare providers.

The Results


Number of scheduled appointments per month nearly doubled in just the first couple years of working together


Number of diverse groups represented in clinic visits greatly increased


Number of new patients per month tripled in just the first couple years of working together


Walk-ins increased significantly during the scope of the campaign

Brand Identity





Direct Response



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