The Power Of Knowing.
The Idea

The Power of Knowing.

Being a leader in precision technology requires a precise story. With a smart strategy and compelling messaging, we helped put AgSense on the map. And when the company became part of Valmont Industries, we created and launched a shiny new brand that blended nicely into Valmont’s portfolio of companies. Today, AgSense is a leader in delivering key information to producers via app-based technology.


Case Study

The Challenge

AgSense’s social media presence existed but didn’t bring with it the brand awareness and follower counts that the company desired in its key markets.

The Goal

Improve on the company’s existing fanbase and the company’s status as an industry leader through enhanced strategies on Facebook.

The Results


Gained 8,432 likes in its first year alone in very niche demographic market


Spent less than $0.05 per like or engagement


Maintained an average 500-900 page likes monthly


Maintained an average 40,000-plus post engagement monthly

Brand Identity



Point of Sale