Culture Club

Boy George started Culture Club. But we're taking it to a whole new level. The Epicosity Culture Club is charged with making sure we don't just work hard, we PLAY HARD, too. From breakfast cereal buffets to office Olympics to a Phrankfurter Pheed to honor Punxatawney Phil, we like to keep our peeps having fun. Take a look at a few Culture Club highlights below.

Basketball, bagels and brews. Just a few things we’re about here in the Culture Club.
Although we’re “adults,” we’re all kids at heart. AND what better way to celebrate a 30th birthday than with a Nerf war?
Celebrating National Pancake Day Epic style with an office pancake breakfast.
In honor of Puxatawney Phil’s brother Phrank, we held a BYOP (Bring Your Own Phrank) Phrankfurter Pheed on Groundhog Day!
Epicosity’s first every Office Olympics during the Olympics, consisted of events including Office Chair Races, a basketball shootout and Nerf Gun target shooting.
The centerpiece of our Awkward Family Photo wall in our office, our nauty Family Photo.
Celebrating Christmas with the SkyForce
Peter never misses an opportunity to show off some fresh new shooting techniques.
Shooting solid video and shooting hoops: Travis’s specialties.
Celebrating our Carole Pagones Revitalization Award, recognizing Epicosity for transforming the former Good Shepherd Center into our downtown office that we love.
May the Force be with You.
National Donut day is a legitimate holiday, right?
Unintentional matching happens more often than we like to admit, or take pictures of.
Summer nights call for brews and Sioux Falls Canaries baseball.
May the Fourth is practically a national holiday as far as we’re concerned. The video guys take these things seriously.
Our office car enthusiast Skyler's birthday definitely called for a joyride in Eric's Barracuda.
Kristi's birthday is the best excuse for donuts!
Sand volleyball in the park on a lovely summer day.
Finding out that we scored SDSU as a client was a highlight of 2016. Go Jackrabbits!
Friday afternoons call for DJ Jeremy’s JJams Request Line.
How does one choose a cereal at the Cereal Smorgasbord?
Ruth taking her Halloween costume game to the next level: Home Alone Burglar
Celebrating the country we love the best way designers know how.
Panelists enlightening the youth at our first ever Lunch & Learn event to kick off the Epicosity E-Tern program.
An in-office mini golf course? Check.
Some of us may just be better skateboarders than others.
Birthdays at Epicosity sometimes require cascades of candy. And that’s how we like it.