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Status quos are made to be broken. Shaken. And slapped across the face.
If you want to keep doing what you're doing because it's safe, have at it.
But if you believe you can change the world through bold ideas,
we're crazy enough to take on the challenge.

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Okay we're not Google. But we're still pretty darn innovative. That's because we have a hungry team driven to knock every project out of the park. Everything we do starts with an idea. And the way we see it, if good ideas can change the world, imagine what they can do to grow your business.


Flu Vaccination Campaign

South Dakota ranks in the
TOP 3 STATES for vaccination rates, 6 years and counting.

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When it comes to deciding where to spend media budget as a hospital or clinic, it can be difficult to decide on the best place for marketing dollars. Resources can be limited, which is why it’s important to focus on a few key areas to make the most impact.

Here are five places you should make a point of placing your media attention.

Remember the "four P's" of marketing? Product, price, promotion and place? For colleges and universities, your product is education, your price is your tuition and your place is when and where your courses are offered. With the rapid rate of change in the marketing field, that last "P"—promotion—can be difficult to scale when prioritizing your institution's marketing efforts.

Read on for three key additions to your college or university's marketing mix.

You may not know it, but your college's faculty members are some of your most valuable marketing resources. The faculty at your institution can have a tremendous impact on your university's reach and brand reputation—not to mention the obvious impacts their efforts can have on student retention, freshman applications and overall freshman yield.

Read on to learn how your faculty can help boost your college or university's marketing game.