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Status quos are made to be broken. Shaken. And slapped across the face.
If you want to keep doing what you're doing because it's safe, have at it.
But if you believe you can change the world through bold ideas,
we're crazy enough to take on the challenge.

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Okay we're not Google. But we're still pretty darn innovative. That's because we have a hungry team driven to knock every project out of the park. Everything we do starts with an idea. And the way we see it, if good ideas can change the world, imagine what they can do to grow your business.

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Flu Vaccination Campaign

South Dakota ranks in the TOP 3 STATES for vaccination rates, 5 years and counting.

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There are so many factors that go into a high-schooler's college or university selection—whether it's cost or location or degree offerings, the criteria are endless. One less-tangible factor, though, is the college's "campus culture." It's the way you present your campus life in your marketing and how you depict what life is like for the student body. And it matters.

Here are four possible things that your campus's culture says about you to a high school consumer.

When building a strong brand, a critical element to keep top of mind is how you're depicting this brand to your consumer base—do you have a consistent, impactful voice in the market? Your brand's messaging and tone are paramount to developing effective marketing.

Here are four easy tips for streamlining your approach to brand messaging.

Epicosity's work with Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) was recognized for its achievements at the annual Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Diamond Awards this week. The campaign work was honored with five trophies from the body.