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Okay we're not Google. But we're still pretty darn innovative. That's because we have a hungry team driven to knock every project out of the park. Everything we do starts with an idea. And the way we see it, if good ideas can change the world, imagine what they can do to grow your business.


Flu Vaccination Campaign

South Dakota ranks in the
TOP 3 STATES for vaccination rates, 6 years and counting.

Idea Vault

Health and wellness are some of the most universally, personally interesting types of content available on the internet. With the plethora of information available at our fingertips at any given moment, instinct has evolved to turn to the internet when researching symptoms of ailments or looking for remedies for discomforts. Although this may send shivers down healthcare providers' spines, there is an opportunity that presents itself in the reliance on internet information.

Healthcare brands specifically can benefit from content marketing that not only promotes services and online resources, but also finds interest-driven content niches. This type of content can help online presence increase through SEO, as well as provide legitimate answers to those seeking information, ultimately earning your practice patients that already trust your brand before walking through the door.

Here are some tips to consider to define a strategy when venturing into content marketing for your healthcare brand.


What makes your hospital or clinic extra stupendously special? We thought it would be a good idea to weigh in on some of the awesome ways you can promote your clinic's specialties—be they orthopedic or otherwise.

Here are four ways you can garner some more attention to your clinic specializations.

Selling a service is particularly difficult without the power of strong word of mouth. And when you have a prized positive testimonial on your hands, you'd do well to maximize its value and reach across your marketing materials. This goes for healthcare marketing, too.

Here are just a few ways that you can take advantage of patient testimonials in your hospital or clinic marketing.